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Masturbation and fantasy require a creative imagination

Masturbation and fantasy require a creative imagination

Masturbation is least common among less educated males (89%). More men who are high school educated (95%) and who are college educated (96%) are involved in masturbation for at least some period of their lives.

There are two suggestions for why college boys masturbate more than less-educated boys. The first is that college girls are not as easy to get into bed so college boys have to resort to masturbation [i] more than others. The second is that being educated is associated with having a good imagination, which is needed to achieve the arousal implicit in masturbating to orgasm.

Only 92% of men masturbate. In other words out of every hundred men 8 never masturbate. Some boys have their first ejaculation through intercourse. They may never masturbate because they have intercourse sufficiently frequently that they never need the additional sexual outlet. Other men have a sufficiently low sex drive that they have no need to masturbate.

Some boys are more promiscuous than others. They may seek out girls who are more sexually willing or they may be less discerning about sexual opportunities. It seems likely that the less intellectual have more frivolous sexual encounters than those who are more considered about their choices. Some men choose to limit their opportunities to the more ideal scenarios.

Masturbation frequencies after marriage are highest (69%) among men who are college educated. Only 42% of men who are high school educated, masturbate after marriage and only 29% of the least educated males. Married men masturbate when intercourse is unavailable. But equally some men choose to masturbate because they enjoy the variety of sexual outlet.

Men differ in their sexual behaviours within marriage according to their educational level. Less educated men start by combining married life with infidelities but become more faithful over time. More educated men start marriage by being faithful but end up having extra-marital affairs later on. Sometimes this male infidelity is actively encouraged by the wives as long as they know that they have the financial security that marriage provides.

Although Kinsey found that a forceful personality is not an absolute guarantee that a man will have a high sex drive, he did conclude that there was a tendency for men with what he called a high metabolic rate, including many boys who reach puberty first, to be among the more highly-sexed. Religious men have average orgasm frequencies up to at least a third lower than comparable males who are not devout. It is possible that those who have a lower responsiveness are more willing to adhere to religious codes.

[i] The very fact that upper level males fail to get what they want in socio-sexual relations would provide a psychologic explanation of their high degree of erotic responsiveness to stimuli which fall short of actual coitus. The fact that the lower level male comes nearer having as much coitus as he wants would make him less susceptible to any stimulus except actual coitus. (Alfred Kinsey)

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