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Boys who are adolescent first have the highest sex drive

Boys who are adolescent first have the highest sex drive

For practical purposes male adolescence is assumed to coincide with a boy’s first ejaculation. Boys who become adolescent first (before 12 years of age) often have the highest orgasm frequencies throughout their lives.[i]

Statistics can be misleading. For example, men are taller than women on average but some women are taller than many men. Similarly a group defined by certain characteristics may have a higher responsiveness on average than another group defined by different characteristics but someone in the second group may be more responsive than many in the first group.

Masturbation frequencies are highest among men who become adolescent first. Around 99% of such men masturbate compared with 93% of men who reach adolescence later than the average (13 years old). Highly-sexed men are also slightly more likely to engage in homosexual activities.

Having a creative imagination affects male responsiveness. Boys with a high IQ (intelligence quota) are often those who reach adolescence first.

There is a link between masturbation frequencies and creative imagination. Boys only start to use fantasies once they have some sexual experience (either alone or with a partner). A boy engages in fantasies (at least to start with) because he enjoys remembering a real-life episode. He uses his memories (perhaps enhanced over time by imagination) to achieve what initially occurred spontaneously or through physical stimulation alone.

Few boys masturbate before the onset of adolescence. Only 10% of boys are masturbating by the age of nine and only 13% by ten years of age.

Men’s responsiveness is a defining characteristic of their sexuality. Males are drawn to other male bodies (even animals) because they are fascinated by the very evident male responses. A man’s arousal is not only visible to the naked eye it is also easily perceived by a lover because of his shortness of breath, his weakness at the knees and his involuntary moans of pleasure.

I accept that I am biased but I have to agree with gay men. Sexually, men are much more interesting than women are! Perhaps this explains why male fantasies tend to focus on exaggerating women’s true responsiveness.

Men’s sexuality revolves around a focus on the penis. Men are fascinated with how the penis responds (male arousal cycle) when stimulated. Men’s sexual behaviours include a desire to display their erect genitals. A man wants an appreciative lover to admire his responsiveness. But many women may feel uneasy providing sex talk that involves putting on an act.

[i] The boys who are earliest adolescent, by age twelve at the latest, are the ones who most often have the highest rates of outlet in the later years of their lives. (Alfred Kinsey)

Excerpt from Sexuality & Sexual Techniques (ISBN 978-0956-894724)