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Understanding Sexual Response

Understanding Sexual Response

Hi, I am Jane Thomas, the sex educator and researcher. My work challenges the many misconceptions and contractions in our beliefs about the orgasms women are assumed to be capable of with a lover. I ask women and their lovers to explain the erotic turn-ons, the anatomy and the stimulation technique involved in female orgasm. I am so grateful to those few individuals who have been willing to comment. I have even learned from the universal silence and drawn my own conclusions from it.

Understanding Sexual Response

You can buy this booklet (41 pages) ‘Understanding Sexual Response’ (ISBN 978-0956-894762) from Amazon:

Having only ever experienced a true sexual release through masturbation alone, I gradually came to the realisation that many assumptions about female sexuality defy common sense. Understanding Sexual Response sets out my research work, which involves asking other women how they achieve the orgasms with a lover that are portrayed in erotic fiction. I discuss the similarities and differences between my own sexuality and the equivalent male behaviours and responses that I have observed in my male lovers.

All of the text (41 articles) from Jane’s draft manuscript ‘Understanding Sexual Response’ is replicated on this website LoveSexIntimacy.org under the top menu heading ‘SEXUAL RESPONSE’ (41 articles in this category).

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Keep those posts coming Jane! A treasure of knowledge! Anton

You have taught me so much over the last few months. Thank u! Frederick

Just stopping by to say hi and thank you for all you do. You are an amazing woman! Art

Your articles are always very informative and interesting.  Thank you for your posts. Heather

You have a fascinating area of study. It’s a wonderful contribution to people’s happiness! James R.

Such great work you are doing. You will surely go far. You are doing wonderful things. Dr Rosalinda

Love reading what you have to say. You understand men well – I love your posts. You are interesting and tuned in. David K.

Your research is so valuable to me! I just know your material is sound and necessary and I’m glad you’re out there! ❤ Colleen

Jane, You are highly influential regarding sex research & education. Sex is seen as a filthy subject by certain communities in the world. Abhish

Jane, When I found this I thought of your research: “The truth is still the truth if no one believes it; a lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it.” Andreas

Let us enjoy and savour life. I invite you to read some very wise words about eroticism from a very knowledgeable lady. Thanks to Jane Thomas! Roberto

Wow!!!! You are amazing! On target and right to the point!!! People struggle and they don’t know where to turn for help. This is a must for everyone to learn. Isaac

Thank you so much Jane. You deserve immense love from my side for being such an excellent writer. It a privilege for me to go through your writings. Looking forward to greater learnings through your books. Monica

My dear, what you are doing helps lots of people. You write about topics that most of our society ignores. I’m proud of you! Research like this is not an easy task. Please keep it up for the sake of humanity! Muhammad

Thank you for your thoughtful , informative view of sexuality. It has given me perspective and helped remove a few “urban legends” some of us grew up with. Very helpful insight that I’ve put into practical application. Bobby